PCM MT4 Bridge is the truly proven state of art MT4 Bridge among all bridges available in the financial industry. The functionality supported by the PCM MT4 Bridge is one of its kind. Starting from supporting Futures & Spot Markets with full featured limit/stop orders, and not ending at the perfection level in risk management.

PCM MT4 Bridge and PCM Trading Gateway are certified by reputed spot exchanges and liquidity providers. Our certifications covers all the functionality associated by the LP system rather than only having market orders techniques.

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PCM Software Technologies UK LTD is the ONLY technology provider which provides trading futures markets on MT4. Likely, we are certified by several reputed futures markets individually and by the largest hub of futures exchanges in the world CQG allowing our financial products access to all future markets using the very high performance, ultra-low-latency and reliable infrastructure of CQG. Our long term experience in futures markets made us dominate the technology associated with.

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We are proud to announce that with PCM MT4 Bridge Plugin you can trade Fast Match (latest technology & dark pool market) with fully featured order types (Market/Limit/Stop) and risk management.

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A, B & AB trade models

Maintain your profit of A, B & AB trading models with PCM MT4 Bridge.

PCM MT4 Bridge is armed with special options for maintenance of the A & B trading allowing the broker to gain the highest profit and avoid possible losses.


Protect you profit during market fluctuations

PCM MT4 Bridge is armed with a state of the art alerting feature which connects to the PCM Feeding Gateway to get alerts on the market conditions.

Below features are at light speed:

  • Enable/Disable B trades on news affected symbols.
  • Enable/Disable B trades on throttling affected symbols.
  • Enable/Disable B trades on all list of LP symbols if the connection with LP drops.


Design your own MT4 trading profiles

PCM MT4 Bridge gives the broker the free will to design the desired trading profile based on the deposit of the client and on the minimum allowed trading volume.

  • Offer your clients the best suitable trading profile by customizing your MT4 symbols spreads &groups.
  • Select a single source for multiple custom symbols with different spreads and min volume.


Trade Futures Markets on MT4

PCM MT4 Bridge is the only bridge which connects MT4 to futures markets; handling all MT4 supported order types & validity.futures-markets

  • Market, Limit, Stop order types.
  • GTC, GTD, GTDAY order validity types…
  • Create, Modify, Delete your orders with DMA (direct market access).


PCM MT4 Bridge is certified by the biggest hub of futures markets CQG.

Send your FX Limit Order to your Liquidity Provider

Not only in case of Futures markets but also in FX markets you can send MT4 limit orders to your liquidity provider; having the full control of your MT4 orders.

The feature of sending limit orders can be set symbol-wise where you can set the MT4 symbols you require them to send all orders to the market and you can set also the remaining ones to rest their orders in MT4 awaiting for the incoming matching quote to get activated and sent as market orders.


  • Market, Limit, Stop order types.
  • GTC, GTD, GTDAY order validity types…
  • Create, Modify, Delete your orders with DMA (direct market access).



  • Fast and robust trade execution.
  • Spot & Futures Markets.
  • Manage A & B trade models for max profits.
  • Stable trading when connection issues.
  • Safe & profitable news trading.
  • Get Advantage of the market movement when others can’t.
  • Design your own MT4 trading profiles.
  • Supports all sorts of order types and validity.
  • Match your live exposure (platform & LP).
  • Trade ALL Futures Markets on MT4.
  • Reliable MT4 API programming infrastructure.
  • Integrated with the back office.