Application Develepment

Define any web or machine based application, we develop

Gateway Development

FIX and custom client-servers for price feed and trading

API Programming

Accessing a Web-based software application or Web tool.

Algo programming

You tell us how you wish to trade, we design your robot

System diagnostics

System diagnostics and optimization

Your Own Brokerage

What would you like to name your brokerage company?

Cloud Computing

Enjoy benefits of your own public or private cloud

Web Development

Website and we applications as complicated you can imagine

Technical Support

We take care of your systems running uninterrupted

Mobile Development

Android, iOS or Windows, own your mobile App

Broker risk management

Minimize your brokerage risk, Protect your clients

Data warehousing

Large financial data intelligently stored for complicated analysis


Natural Search Engine Optimisation in different languages

Custom Projects

No matter how big, we will build it for you