PCM Tools

PCM Softech UK presents to you the PCM Tools, the most useful set of forex tools for professional traders and forex Brokerage firms.


PCM Softech UK yet again surpasses your expectation by providing you the most useful set of forex tools that you will ever need for successful trading. To use the PCM Tools, you need to have a Live Trading Account with PCM Brokers. PCM Tools works in synch with your PCM Trader MT-4 Terminal and provides the market depth of instruments, which is not possible in a normal Meta Trader-4. Additionally, PCM Tools is a combination of three most useful things that will help you in your day to day trading activity tremendously. Further updates will add more useful features.

We can integrate this tool with other forex Brokers’ MT-4 terminals as well. Interested parties may contact us.

Market Depth: One of the short coming of Meta Trader 4 is that, it cannot show the market depth of the instrument you trade. Checking the market depth and order ladder is very important for most of the traders and hence to remove the inconvenience faced by our traders, we provide you the best five order depth ladder. With this tool, you can check the top five orders of the book. You can check DGCX market depth as well as our Spot forex market depth with this tool.

News: Keep yourself updated with the latest news from the world’s leading news providers. Get all the major market updates, breaking news and market moving economic news. The news is updated in the real-time, which gives you the upper hand in making the right decisions at the right time.

Times: Ever got confused with different market opening hours? Not sure which market is open right now? Want to know when the market you are trading in will close? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then this tool is perfect for you. In one glance, you will know what markets are open, what markets are closed, when the open market is going to close and when the closed market is going to open.

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