PCM Feeding Gateway

Nowadays, financial market movements and challenges associated with require not only price feeders but also risk managers armed, and ultra-low latency solutions. Many brokerage companies have been recently wiped out from the financial market after unexpected market crashes resulting in tremendous price fluctuation and sometimes lake of liquidity as well. The solid ground we are developing our solutions on is the best and safest market price where you guarantee your ongoing profit and avoid the risks involved when the market goes wild. The importance of the Feeding Gateway is like the importance of the blood flow in human vessels giving life to all other organs of the brokerage body. Without a reliable source of feed the brokerage may suffer from service faultiness and disconnection which most probably results in catastrophic outcomes in countable seconds of time.


Among all Feeding/Market data services available in the financial technology industry. PCM Feeding Gateway is providing unique functionality starting from supporting all types of financial communication protocols, fast and flexible integration with new protocols and connections, unlimited number of connections to liquidity providers, ultra-low latency, and doesn’t end at the innovative special extension to fully support futures markets.

The messaging API support is extended beyond the traditional FIX protocol to reach FASTFIX, Google Buffer API, EMAPI, and GBOT (FIT) messaging APIs with the very flexible ability to on-the-spot add additional support for newly releases communication protocols.

liquidity providers

Why do you need PCM Feeding Gateway?

  • Supports (DOB) depth of book (ladder) for both forex and futures markets












  • Smartest throttling handling techniques with 100% risk free


  • Alerting features when abnormal market conditions




  • Futures Markets support

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  • Create your OWN Customized Liquidity


  • Risk free on News Trading



  • Profitable and safe brokerage.
  • Unlimited LP connections.
  • Unlimited integrations.
  • Ultra-low latency.
  • Spot & Futures Markets.
  • Design your liquidity.
  • Choose the source, when and what to aggregate.



  • Wide protocol integration support:
    • FIX protocol.
    • FAST FIX low latency protocol.
    • Google Buffer protocol.
    • EMAPI.
    • Bourse Africa (FIT) market data protocol.


  • Keep your own Ticks through the Tick Keeper module.
  • Customize your prices the way you need via Custom Copy Ticks feature.
    • Raw & Fixed Spreads Adjustments.
    • Spread addition/deduction.
    • Select source symbols for aggregation.
  • Direct the price flow the location you want.
  • Combine liquidity.