Are you interested in keeping/retrieving all tick data?
Are you suffering from the high cost of renting a huge storage space to fit your tick data and you think it is very important to keep the tick data for anytime retrieval?


It’s very important to keep all of your incoming ticks or trade data in a format which you can easily retrieve anytime. This technology helps the broker in saving the tick data in a storage-effective way to be retrieved for analysis, decision making or neural networks algorithms and many more reasons.

What is so good about Cassandra DB is that you don’t need to costly reserve a huge storage hardware for having your big data saved for anytime retrieval process. Our experts figured out the need of using Cassandra DB for storing tick data due to the need to document every single movement of the market for claiming purposes and technical studies of the market history to build up based on it a decision making algorithm that will help in the high frequency trading strategies or by designing new efficient trading strategies for their own trading or to offer their clients.

Cassandra DB is an open source database system (cost-free installation and usage) under the open source license.


How it works…



Features & Advantages

  • Have your tick data saved and control your own market data history.




  • Usefull for technical analisys.




  • Usefull for strategic trading, neural networks and disicion making algorithms.




  • Draw your own charts and indicators.




  • Replay the market movement for demo trading and market simulations.








  • Training, tutorials and markets studies.Cassandra-Database







Migration to Cassandra DB

If you have already what so ever type of an accesable ticks database and you are suffereing with the slow output, work interruptions, big storage, huge costs and slow data retreival.


No worries at all. We can migrate you to the advanced technology of Cassandra DB. The operation is a silent background operation and you won’t feel the migration.