Have you ever heard of a broker offering market depth access to its clients?

We definitely let you do that as easy as one button click

PCM Market Depth Tools are set of state of the art financial tools considered as a revolution in the financial market technology to present the depth of the market in a Web browser, Desktop App or modern latest technology Mobile Apps.

Foreign exchange markets have been always hidden from customers; the thing that made customers loose trust in their brokers. Now, using the PCM Market Depth Tools you can show your clients the reality of the foreign exchanges markets allowing them feel the purity of such markets. 

PCM Software Technologies UK LTD is the only financial technology provider which solely provided market depth presentable tools.


From now on you can present your liquidity with respect to your customizations including spreads anywhere; Tool bars, Website Pages, Mobile Apps, Desktop App and even in your clients’ private area.




Preview Custom Market Depth

Using the preview custom market depth feature allows to customize the output being presented to each group of your clients where you can control the spread, time and available quantity and much more.

Futures Markets Supported

As well as spot markets, futures market is also available on the PCM Market Depth Tools.

Single input-output mode

Using the single input-output model allows you to show your cutomized outputed liquidity ladder to your groups of clients from one selected liquidity provider.

Aggregated input-output mode

Using the aggregated input-output model allows you to show your cutomized outputed market depth ladder to your groups of clients from an aggregated set of liquidity providers. The fact you acually create your own depth of the book.

Combined input-output mode

Using the combined mode you can symbol-wise select what symbols to show an aggregated custom feed and what symbols to show the datafeed from a single choosen liquidity provider.

Create more than one instrument each defines a different source/sources of liquidities. Assigne different liquidities for different instruments or combine all in one.




Web Browser Integration

PCM Market Depth Tools are fully integrated with web browsers and toolbars. Regardless of what kind of front end you are using you can definitly offer one of the PCM market depth tools to your clients.


PCM-Market-Depth-Tools PCM-Market-Depth-Tools PCM-Market-Depth-Tools
Firefox Opera Chrome


Desktop App Integration

As well as web browsers, you can view the market depth on a desktop app too.

Mobile Apps Integration

As PCM Market Depth Tools is integrated with mobile applications, using the PCM Tools App available on mobile apps stores. You will be able also to view the depth of the market.




  • Spot markets depth.
  • Futures markets depth.
  • Custom rules, spread and filtaration symbols and groups wise.
  • Single liquidity market depth.
  • Aggregated liquidities market depth.
  • Combined mode single/aggregated market depth.
  • Create your own aggregated depth of the market.
  • Fixed spread feature.
  • View on:
    • Mobile App.
    • Desktop App.
    • Browser Toolbar.
    • Client Cabin Area.