Several reasons lay behind software crashes; software extension, hardware failure, operating system failure and programing bugs.

PCM Watchdog was built to deal with software crashes. Beside MT4 Server, there are many services and processes that the brokerage house is depending on 27/7/365. The older the hardware of your server becomes the higher the risk of unexpected software crashes are. The more your operating system is used and impacted by different third party software the more chances of your software getting affected by. The more you add functionality and software extensions (plugins) the more your software is exposed to crashes.


Every experienced broker knows very well what it does mean to have an MT4 Server crash during the wild market fluctuations where others are carefully watching it & making their profits and the human surveillance team is suffering to gain access to the server in order to start-up the crashed trading processes; which will result in unaffordable down-time or numerous losses in money & clients DB.

PCM Watchdog is designed to monitor your MT4 server and all of the important processes on your live server preventing any down-time exceeds a couple of seconds. For instance, when MT4 server crashes PCM Watchdog instantly senses that and initiates the MT4 Server again on the spot making it insensible for your clients and gap-free charts.



Watch, Alert & Run MT4 Server

Maintain your MT4 Server running properly and be alerted when a crash occurs.

Watch, Alert & Run Your PCM Services

Maintain your PCM Services Server running properly and be alerted when something goes wrong.

Watch, Alert & Run any Custom Service of your own

Maintain any Service on your server running properly and be alerted when something goes wrong.


  • Fast, reliable and secure.
  • No Human Surveillance/Intervention Required.
  • Watch and Recover MT4 Server.
  • Watch and Recover PCM Services.
  • Watch and Recover Any Custom Service.
  • Unlimited Number of Custom Services to be added.