PCM Trading Gateway

PCM Trading Gateway is heart of the live trading body which brings the financial world order routing hubs to your door step. Supporting various industry protocols in both SPOT & FUTURES markets PCM Trading Gateway has become a leading product in the financial world.

PCM Trading Gateway is used mostly by brokerage companies to obtain a direct access (DMA) of their trading platform to the financial world of liquidity providers. It can be used for market maker and brokers willing to attach an algorithmic trading modules too.

PCM Trading Gateway supports ALL versions of FIX protocol from FIX.4.0 to FIX.5.0 SP1 & SP2. In addition, FAST FIX protocol is integrated as well. The special Google Buffer API support has been added recently to prove the flexibility and robustness of the PCM Trading Gateway integration.  

With over 8 years of experience in futures markets and exchanges, we have successfully integrated PCM Trading Gateway to ALL FUTURES exchanges in the world via obtaining direct and non-direct integration certificates with different world wide futures exchanges which didn’t end at integrating PCM Trading Gateway with CQG (the biggest hub for futures exchange in the world with over 90+ exchanges supported).



Not only a trading hub and order routing system but also an (OMS) order management system is arming the PCM Trading Gateway with sophisticated, high performance database module flexible to be tailored to support all query languages and DBMS systems.

Among all direct access trading services available in the financial technology industry. PCM Trading Gateway holds a unique advantage of supporting all order types especially via the integrated interface with MT4 which allows MT4 to send Market, Limit, and Stop Orders and Modify/Delete them with fully fledged features with the ultra-low latency processing cost.

Using PCM Trading Gateway you gain access to the dark pool of liquidities with the fully featured limit/stop orders.

We are proud to announce PCM Trading Gateway’s integration with the very low latency Fast Match (dark pool market) with fully featured order types and risk management especially via MT4.



Futures Markets fully integratedfutures-markets

PCM Trading Gateway is integrated with 90+ best futures exchanges in the globe. Where you can enjoy your profit generation trading you algorithmic methods.

Trade Futures on MT4     bourse-logos  And much more…


Support for Simple and Complex Order TypesSupport for Simple and Complex Order Types

PCM Trading Gateway supports all order types that are used in both sport and futures markets. In case an order type is required which is not available in the liquidity provider. We can on the spot have it implemented to meet the broker’s needs.

Internal Orders Watcher

No more cutting of functionality from your loved trading platform due to the lake of functionality in your liquidity provider.

If your liquidity provider doesn’t support the same order types of your desired trading platform. Don’t worry. PCM Trading Gateway supports orders management and internal orders keeping module allowing you take the complete advantage of order types in your trading platform. And vice versa.

If your liquidity provider doesn’t support the same order validities of your desired trading platform. Don’t worry. PCM Trading Gateway supports orders management and internal orders watcher module allowing you take the complete advantage of order validities in your trading platform.



Plug & Play Your Algo Trading MethodsAlgo-Trading-Methods

Simply plug your algorithmic trading methods to be executed at boosted performance.

Positions Calculator & Informer (exposure)

Give up the manual surveillance and check the matching of your orders between your trading platform and liquidity provider automatically.




  • Unlimited LP connections.
  • Unlimited integrations.
  • Algorithmic Trading.
  • Spot & Futures Markets.
  • Build your own orders routing setup.
  • All sorts of order types and validity.
  • Choose your list of aggregated symbols.
  • Match your live exposure (platform & LP).
  • Trade Futures Markets on MT4.
  • Spread Adjustment.
  • Choose your contract multiplier.
  • Wide protocols integration support:
    • FIX protocol.
    • FAST FIX low latency protocol.
    • Google Buffer protocol.
    • Custom.
  • Orders Management System.
  • Internal Orders Watcher.