Your Own Brokerage


What would you like to name your brokerage company? Perhaps this is the only thing you will need to provide when you want to establish your financial markets trading Brokerage Company with PCM Software Technologies UK LTD.


It is never easier to get your brokerage business started. You can start making money the same day you hit the button.

Get connected to the largest financial markets & exchanges in the world without the need to go through all of the routinely procedures; our experience cuts the time & requirements costs for you. If you have your own preferred list of liquidity providers we can get you connected to. Otherwise, you may choose from our top brands.

PCM Software Technologies provides access to the most common & reliable liquidity sources along with their tailored technical solutions. You can choose your brokerage company size and what options you have in hands. Starting from operating white label solutions and not ending at the fully fledged turn-key solutions. We offer free setup fee (turn-key) solutions.

What we can offer you to establish your business successfully:


  • Fully Licensed Trading Platform.
  • White Labeled Trading Platform.
  • True Ownership of your clients DB.
  • Connectivity to Major Liquidity Providers.
  • Connectivity to Futures Markets.
  • Meta Trader 4 Solutions.
    • MT4 to LP Bridges.
    • MT4 to MT4 Bridges.
    • MT4 price and news feed plugins.
    • Unlimited choices of readymade plugins.
    • Customized plugins.
    • Profit generation plugins.
  • One LP source to multiple trading profiles solutions.
  • Professional and easy to shift Trading Modules “A, B, AB”.
  • Trade Copier.
  • Servers hosting solutions.
  • Low latency hosting locations.
  • Company Website & Content Management System.
  • Bridges Solutions.
  • Price and trade aggregators.
  • Payments Gateways:
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • WebMoney
    • Neteller
    • U Kash
    • Yandex
    • Fasapay
    • Credit Cards.
  • CRM systems integrated with your trading platform backend.
  • Ticketing & Complaint systems.
  • Market Depth Toolbar.
  • Search Engine optimizers for your online marketing.
  • Mobiles Apps.
  • Accounting & Billing back end integrated systems.
  • Business Management/Administration Software.
  • Bonus programs & Risk Adjustment/Management systems.
  • Financial Consultations.
  • 24/5 Technical Support.

How to start your company:
First you need is a company name & owner/owners to whom the company is going to be registered. Then you need to select your company profile (what do you want to offer to your clients- How big your clients will see your company). Once you’ve selected your company profile then you finish your agreement with us. From the time your system is setup you can start making money the way you like.

Select your company’s features:

  • Company Registration & Consultation
  • Banking Consultation
  • Normal Websites/Advanced Custom Websites
  • White label or Fully licensed trading platform
  • How many Liquidity Providers
  • Manage/Fix the Spreads
  • Futures Markets Trading IntegrationYour-Own-Brokerage3
  • Futures Markets & Limit Orders via MT4 
  • Trading modules (A, B & AB) or DMA
  • Normal hosting or low latency hosting location
  • Server Hardware Specs
  • Back Office Software Integrated
  • CRM Software integrated
  • Forex Business Training
  • Staff Training
  • Your Company’s Logo
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Offer Demo Accounts
  • Live News & Technical Analysis
  • Mobile App trader
  • Live Feeders
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Multiple Trading profiles
  • MT4 plugins serve ALL purposes


So you want to be a forex broker? You need a plan to launch your very own forex brokerage. Simply fill out the inquiry form  and our business intelligence specialists will help you get started in forex trading today with our free business plan.